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Spectrum Automation Ltd are committed to providing quality automation services and solutions designed and tailored to meet our client’s precise technical requirements.


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We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a quality service which includes the design, development and supply of bespoke software solutions. We are also able to supply electrical design services and Health and Safety advice to the automation industry.

Over twenty years experience of working in this field gives us an invaluable understanding of the automation industry and of the automation solutions available to our clients.

The technology involved in automation is constantly evolving and developing and we pride ourselves in being able to constantly adapt and master each new and innovative technological product that appears in the industry market-place.

We believe that one of our many strengths lies in our ability to work closely with a client in order to design, develop and supply a software solution that meets the needs of that client. We also believe in clear and concise explanations of the technical solutions at hand and aim never to confuse our clients with technical ‘jargon’ specific to our field of expertise.

We are always looking for new and innovative technical solutions for our clients to use to improve their manufacturing facilities, product quality and production efficiencies.

Another key element to our success is our ability to work seamlessly with companies from other disciplines within the automation industry, particularly on large multi-million pound projects. We believe that teamwork is essential for any project to be completed successfully to the client’s satisfaction.


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Suite 108, Innovation Centre, 1 Evolution Park, Haslingden Road, Blackburn, BB1 2FD, United Kingdom